Thursday, March 15, 2012


When you're a glutton like moi, and you're raising little gluttonous minions like Emberly and Bauer, who think that they deserve at least half of everything and definitely all last-bites, it becomes very necessary to sneak off to your favorite places and secretly buy treats, hide them and deftly snack upon them when the minions are unaware.
Writing {typing} it out is equal parts shameful and hilarious.
My latest and greatest guilty pleasure.  Popcorn Girl.  My hair stylist hipped me to it.  50+ flavors of popcorn, both sweet and savory?  Made fresh there on location?  This is very dangerous.
So far, my favorites are southwest jalepeno (spice-ay) and Chicago style.  Mixing caramel and cheese sounds so unsophisticated and counter-intuitive to me (the woman who doesn't let her food on her plate touch), but omg it's good.

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