Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Watching Emberly and Bauer interact and develop a relationship has to be the sweetest, most entertaining thing (when it's not the most frustrating, patience trying thing, that is).  I'm so glad that for the most part they enjoy each other.
{I rolled Bauer's sleeves up but he apparently was not feeling that look}

{this is bauer's most frequent expression of slightly angry confusion. coined the "quit playin, where's my money" face by his uncle Brian}

Emberly: top, crewcuts, skirt, gymboree via consignment, sandals, target. Bauer: shirt, h&m, shorts and sneakers, target.

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  1. He is clearly channeling his inner Uncle Brandon. All he needs is a knot in the middle of his forehead and he'll have the impersonation down pat.