Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do the Opposite

Before I met Damon, I dressed how I wanted, did my makeup how I wanted, everything how I wanted. I still do, but sometimes now Damon will give me pause. I have to look in the mirror one more time and remember that really, no one cares! Throughout the years, I've also learned that if Damon thinks something is questionable, then I should definitely do it.
Remember the red lipstick? He thought I looked weird. I got lots of compliments. He'll argue that it's because strangers aren't used to seeing me how I "normally" look. Whatevs. LOL
Yesterday, I didn't know what to do with my hair for the wedding. My stylist gets my hair so bone straight with her fancy flat iron that unless I wash it and start over, it's not going to do anything else. I had the ingenious idea to google how to do a herringbone (aka fishtail) braid. After watching a talkative teen do it on youtube (wonderfully simple), I put one in my hair. Love it. But, my very straight, freshly trimmed hair would only cooperate so much and blunt ends started popping out of the braid. So it was kind of messy. However, dealing with a fussy baby, a preschooler who was supposed to be a flower girl but her hair appt had fallen through, and the fact that I really didn't have any options, I thought it was fine and was over it anyway. Damon was looking at me sideways. I should have known then it was perfect! I got several compliments on my braid. And I wasn't sweating like a stuck pig or dealing with falling curls in the Texas humidity.
Oh, and for those wondering, Emberly was a very lady like flower girl, and no f-bombs were dropped. :D


  1. I like the fishtail! I am so with you on the do-the-opposite-of-what-your-husband-thinks philosophy...I've experienced that several times myself.

    The pic of Emberly is beautiful!

  2. I know what I am going to try with my hair! :D