Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red Hot

I absolutely love a crimson lip. But I'm uncomfortable with lipstick on, let alone a bold color like red. I feel like my lips take over my face. Doesn't help either that my husband tells me I look "weird" with lipstick!
But I took a dive and carefully plastered it on, resisting my urges to tone it down with some gloss. I felt like it was too much for the first two hours. I also didn't care for having to reapply it after eating, otherwise my lips were stained oddly.
Red lipstick is an all-day commitment.
But, it's been on for 5hrs now and I'm starting to not feel uncomfortable whenever I'm in front of a mirror. I don't know, red lips might be my thing now!


  1. I'm from the July 2010 birth board and was checking out your blog and wanted to tell you I think it looks really good! Wish I could pull it off, haha :)

  2. I think you look great, but I totally understand what you mean by feeling weird. It's a total commitment and whenever I look in the mirror when wearing lipstick I feel like a clown. I think you look fantastic and you should wear this lip color more :-)