Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DIY Tray Table Makeover

I've finally finished something that I can link up to @ A Bowl Full of Lemons!
We had these rather awful tv tray-tables that my husband just refused to let me donate/throw away. So, I asked if I could paint them. He said yes!
All I did was spray paint them with primer, then the bold burnt orange color I'd chosen, and finally with hi-gloss lacquer. They aren't as perfect looking as I'd imagined, but still soooo much improved.
Old table
After a coat of color
Final result
{next project; new throw pillow covers. I'm tired of that print.}


  1. Oh that tray table is so cute! I love the color painted it!
    For the throw pillows, I just recently did that myself!! You can check it out HERE

    Notes She Wrote

  2. I would have gone with a stencil pattern of some sort in black over the burnt orange before applying the hi-gloss lacquer myself, but this works as well.

  3. I thought about that, or even adhering a decorative, wipe-able place mat to the top, but decided to stick with the simple, original plan.