Saturday, July 9, 2011


My 11.5mo old son, who seemed to be content with just laying and sitting for the longest, has been getting increasingly bold with his walking attempts. It really just mostly makes me nervous because he frequently bites it. Usually, he's just going a few steps from the ottoman to the sofa, so it's soft and doesn't matter much, but today he was just one step short of making it to a chair outside and fell forward hitting his face pretty good. I thought he'd stick to cruising after that for a while. But he surprised us and took a long, obstacle filled walk from his sister's bed to the hallway this evening when they were getting ready for bed! We cleared most of the chaos from his path and tried to get him to do it again and we captured it on film (the hubby's phone, my camera is still out of commission).
He's pant-less, and missing a shoe and just generally looks inebriated. Awesome.

Being that I've done this before, I know that walking just means more falling, more getting into things, more of me chasing him. But I still can't help but be giddy and excited about it.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! He is waaaaay too cute. And yes, a little drunk looking...but that just makes him cuter! ;)

    Oh, and the mommy-clap at the end was right on point!