Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get set, go!

The first task for the ORGANIZE YOUR FINANCES challenge was to create my budget and track my spending.
Tracking spending is a lot like tracking calories. When you force decisions to be conscious and deliberate, you behave differently.
I immediately regret the large specialty latte I purchased and drank this morning. LOL
I really like this template because it helps you see projected/ideal versus the actual. The site recommends some software to get into more detailed budgeting, but it mainly involves linking up to one's bank account, so while the idea of letting software keep track of my spending for me is appealing, it wouldn't work for me because I rarely use my debit card or write checks. I use my credit card for online purchases and cash for everything else. Plus, again, it's more deliberate to have write it down/enter it myself.
Today I spent $4.27 at Saxby's Coffee and $57.93 at Fresh and Easy on groceries. I'll probably have to pick up more milk at some point this week, but I've got everything for my meals taken care of!

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