Friday, March 4, 2011

What? Really?

Yeah. It's over 70 degrees today. Winter in Vegas is practically over. How did this sneak up on me? The resort pools will start opening up next week. Ack! No one wants to see me in a bikini. So apologies are being offered now, since I'm totally going to show you.
Here I am on the left last summer. Gloriously tan and belly full of baby. On the right is me now. Practically translucent. The baby came out 7mo ago, but apparently, my tummy is saving room for him to crawl back in there should the need arise (oh, wow, that was kind of gross, huh?).
The scale has been sliding down and the thighs shrinking with my running, but my eating has been kind of... well, crap. The love handles and mama paunch probably aren't going to flatten into abs until I get that under control.
I am hereby pledging that the 1/2lb of See's candy I purchased today will be my last. Not my last, but, you know, until I have some visible abs I don't need any more. I am jumping back on the low sugar lifestyle bandwagon. I don't know why I've been trying to make sugar replace cheese in my diet, but it ends here. I also pledge to continue running after the race is over. I will reach my goal and be shamelessly lounging about some sparkling pool practically naked by the end of the month. Watch me!


  1. Girl, I know all about that belly that won't go away!! Its been 8 months since I've had my baby and I still look preggo if I don't suck in. lol I'm running too, but I seriously need to watch what I eat to get to my goal weight!

    You still look better in that bikini than I would if I were wearing it!

  2. I admire you for posting this. I often want pictures like this or pictures of me comparing arm muscle and realize I never took any before and I didn't actually take any now.

    What race are you training for? I'm training (horribly) for a marathon. I just ran a training race yesterday.