Thursday, March 10, 2011


One of my girlfriends here put on this whole flash-mob type thing for Miller-Coors and Bacardi at the miracle mile shops and asked all her friends to show up. There were free drinks while we mingled before hand and then food and more drinks after. Good times. Typically, that's where I would have called it a night... I could be home by 10pm and get a good night's rest. So when Niki told me that they had a table at Pure and that it'd be great if I came and I almost automatically declined, I paused. Damon has been pushing me to have more "me" time. He goes out exponentially more than I and I sometimes I forget I'm a 20-something living in Las Vegas. I decided my motto for the evening was "What would Damon do?" and that was obvious. He'd go to Pure. I had an absolute blast. Knocking back some kind of shot with red-bull in it, it was 2am before I knew it. On a Tuesday night slash Wednesday morning. Niki's job is absolutely crazy.
And of course, the video from that night! You have to pay pretty close attention to catch the glimpses of me LOL

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