Sunday, March 20, 2011


I mentioned my butter and cheese obsessions before... but I've passed dairy up for 3.5mo now due to Bauer's sensitivity to the proteins in my milk. The thought before was unbearable and without something like his health and my sanity (don't get much sleep with a baby writhing and crying with intestinal upset all night) hanging in the balance, it's not a leap I would have ever taken. And you know what, I don't really miss it! The same thing happened when I gave up soda as a teen. To this day, sometimes a root beer sounds sooo good, but when I get it, the carbonation burns and I'm over it a few sips in. Sometimes pizza sounds divine, but I'm okay.
Anyway, the point is that I've ventured into trying some vegan alternatives and I'd like to share some reviews.
Daiya cheddar-like shreds: I made a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat sourdough with it. It was okay. It tastes like liquified cheese-its. Toward the end of the sandwich when there was a glob of it, I gagged a little trying to swallow it. But I'm weird in my love for sharp cheddar, so most people probably would be fine. Case in point, I made mac-n-cheese with it tonight (used milk in the rue though, so I didn't get any), and the hubs and Emberly wolfed it down unawares no problem.
Eatpastry cookie dough: There's nothing taboo about eating the dough straight from the canister because there's no egg in it! My favorite so far is the Chocoholic Chunk, it's de-freakin-lish. The other flavors are okay.

I really think I could go vegan. But without commitment from Damon too, I doubt I ever will. So for now, meat and eggs still make my menu.

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