Tuesday, March 1, 2011


During my style challenge, I've been running like a fool, trying to train for a half marathon (in a week and a half, eek). My jeans that I picked are starting to fall off after they've been worn once (and I like to wear my jeans a good few times before throwing them in the laundry). I can probably squeeze into my size 6 stuff now. My goal is to comfortably fit into my size 6 pants/jeans, squeeze into some of my 4s. And while I was running today, I remembered a day a few years ago when I fought back tears because my print booker had my new cards printed and on them it said my dress size was 4-6. Seriously. If I hadn't spent most of the day in public, I would have bawled. A size 6!!!? I was solidly a 2 and had busted my ass to be there. I was sure that it was going to cost me runway work. Anybody could fit into a size 6. Samples aren't that big.
And now here I am, 5yrs and 2 kids later thinking a size six would be ideal. Maybe even a little skinny LOL

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