Friday, March 11, 2011


I blogged earlier this week about every moment being photo worthy. I also want to remember the things my kids say. I recently posted on Facebook about a conversation with my almost 4 year old where she called my husband a "laser" which was her combination for "crazy" and "loser" because he had attempted to eat her yogurt. One of my friends from high school, who has a daughter a little older than mine, commented that she had a book of quotes, which she planned to give her daughter when she's older. Grand idea, right? I know, I actually already started something like that 18mo ago. I bought a notebook, and numbered every page with a date of the year, with the idea that I would write something she did or said that day, every year, until the book was full. I did it for like 5wks and haven't touched it since. What a shame. I'm busting it back out because she is just too funny for these things to fall into the obscure corners of my memory!

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