Monday, November 15, 2010


I while back I had a conversation with my best friend's (it's her birthday today! woot woot) cousin about going vegan. I lamented that I would miss butter. I confessed that I had a butter fetish. He'd never heard of that before LOL It started when I was pregnant with Emberly. At the end, I made my meal choices in order of what I could soak with the most butter. I barely put syrup on my pancakes.
And then this weekend, I saw Julie & Julia, and found comfort that I am not the only butter lover. The main character, Julie, went on about how if you taste something and it's ridiculously delicious and you wonder, WHAT is in this??? It's more than likely butter!
I've since tamed my butter fetish, but I still really appreciate it's creamy, fatty goodness.

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