Monday, November 29, 2010

Are Men Allowed?

To just be nice? At Trader Joe's yesterday, a bearded man by himself stopped to admire Bauer and asked me a couple questions about him. It was all very nice and he didn't do anything suspect or odd, aside from being a strange man by himself talking about a baby. So why did I keep my eye on him the rest of the trip and looked around for him when I was getting in my car, as if I expected to be chloroformed at any second? How cynical is it that I don't think people are just nice and chatty, but predators trying to lower my guard. I also was very paranoid about any woman I thought stared at me too long when I was pregnant. Clearly she wanted to follow me home and cut out the baby. And clearly, I watch way too much Law & Order and true crime shows LOL


  1. i totally agree with you that it is weird and would creep me out too BUT my little brother would most likely do something similar. and when i say "little" i mean a 6 foot 5 inch tall 22 year old red neck :) but he was raised in my mom's in home daycare and absolutely LOVES kids. its really sweat for me to see him loving a kid so much (like my nephew) but if i didnt know him i would probably spray him with pepper spray and run away screaming "perve" LOL

  2. LOL, exactly! I do believe most people are just nice, but you never know when that ONE will try to get you LOL