Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sob Story

I had my mom and sister leave without saying goodbye to Emberly because it wasn't going to be good. They were leaving before the sun would even have the nerve to show it's face, so I didn't want to ruin bedtime by letting her know they would be gone before she woke, and I didn't want her to be awake crying from 4am on if they woke her for a hug goodbye. Result: she walked into the guest room at 6:30am and just sobbed. No words. Just sobbing. I wanted to sob too. Not just because my mom and sister are two of my best friends, but because I no longer had an excuse to avoid working out. I was really gung-ho about my workouts, but decided that since I was already spending half the day working, I didn't want to cut into our time together more by going to the gym. And after about 3 days of not working out, it might as well be three months. It was torture making myself go yesterday and today. But I did it. And soon I'll have my old ambition back, if I can just force it through the weekend.
Emberly accepted that Nana had to go to work so they had to go home, crawled into bed and snuggled us while she calmed down. But any time we talked about them the rest of the day, she would start to tear up. Bless her heart.

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