Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Remix

Emberly and I opted to remix the gray teired swing dress again, today with the hand-knit blatt and bright tights.

The tights though brought to spotlight a problem of hers that I'm beginning to think may be in her head. She is always talking about her legs itching, especially if she's wearing something tight to her legs, like thermal jammies, babylegs, or, tights. There's no consistency in material. Our detergent doesn't have any irritants, and is thoroughly rinsed out. Yet she twitches and scratches like crack withdrawals. I've saturated her legs with lotion and coconut oil. I've even mixed in a little hydrocortisone cream. I don't understand how it could possibly itch like she claims. So I think it's in her head. My sister used to cry about the toe seam of her socks being perfectly placed over her toes. And couldn't stand turtlenecks to be touching her chin. So maybe Emberly doesn't like things to be tight on her legs and the only way she can express it is to say it itches. My sister outgrew some of her quirkiness, so maybe she will too.

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