Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mile 4

Wednesday evenings I don't do any weight training and just run. I'm still trying to convince myself to train for another half. My husband might even join me (that's what he says, but when it comes time to train... well, that's a whole other blog entry). While if I ran another half marathon, I would probably still use the walk/run technique I used while pregnant, I still like to see how much I can run without stopping. In fact, I increase my speed with every 1/2mi or so. Right now, around mile 4 is when my body starts urging me to stop. Nothing hurts, per se, I just don't really want to run anymore. It reminds me very much of labor. And that epiphany is what I use to push myself, because if I slow down as soon as my body wants to, how will I ever get faster. So I tell myself, relax into the stride, breathe, you can probably go faster. If you could labor naturally with two babies, you better freaking run the rest of this mile. You don't even have to push a baby out at the end, you get to just walk and go home. And I do it. Another 12+ wk long training season is seeming less impossible every week...

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