Monday, November 1, 2010

Moral Fiber

People always talk about how car rides put their babies out like lights. Not mine. Emberly hated being in the car. But being my only child, I half-way solved that by just not going anywhere; at least not a daily basis. Not an option with Bauer. Between Emberly's daycare days, her rec center classes, the gym and errands, he has to be in his seat, in the car for at least an hour daily. I got the incessant screaming to come down a bit by trying to make sure he's well rested before a car ride, loosening the straps a tad, taking him out of the seat and holding him at stops whenever possible and finding a song he liked to blast on repeat at a near deafening volume. I tried to find an AM station for white noise static, but there aren't any good ones here; the volume is inconsistent and talk/music frequently bleeds through. He still wails as if being used like a pin cushion a good 1 out 3 car rides. I finally decided to try a mirror doo-dad to see if that would help. I settled on this one from Target since I had a gift card. Well, that just insulted his moral fiber. He screamed even louder it seemed. The message was clear: eff you see kay you for trying to buy my silence with expensive toys! Looks like I'm in for another 2yrs of car hell (that's about how long it was before Emberly would happily handle a car ride).

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