Thursday, September 29, 2011


artwork courtesy of my little sister, Danielle.
I thought I had a while before Emberly threatened to run away.
Well, she wasn't originally threatening to run away, but it sort of evolved into that.  At first, she just wanted to go on a plane ride somewhere.  On our way home from the Summerlin Art Festival, she was pretty sure we were headed to the airport.  Quick plane rides sure beat long drives, she observed.  She wanted to make a pit stop in LA to visit her cousins, and then she'd head to her Nana's house.  Where she would share a bed with her aunt.
For 8 months.  Until her birthday.  Then she'd return to us.  Because she knows we'd miss her.
I told her that she didn't have a plane ticket.  No problem.  In her mind, the possession of a piggy bank pretty much means you're loaded.
And strangers?  Well, most of them will just smile and be on their way, because people like her.  But should anyone try anything fishy, she'd tell them that she is a super hero.  They'd be scared and leave her alone.
"Don't worry, I'll keep myself safe."
She was eventually pretty bent on going to the airport.  When pressed for a reason, she declared that she was tired of us making her eat vegetables she doesn't like.
"Your "yummy" dinners are not good!"
{It's possibly my fault that she has mastered sarcasm.}
Even when we passed the airport and arrived home, she took that as just an opportunity to pack a good bag.
This all culminated in a meltdown before bedtime when her bubble was fully burst.  But, not before I took a couple pics.  Enjoy.



  1. lol. Too funny. What a beautiful little girl! Is she obsessed with pillow buddies too (the unicorn)? My three-year-old has gotten his grandma to buy him THREE. He is also usually really great about not getting upset in the store when I tell him 'no' when he asks for something, but the one "I want that!" tantrum he has ever thrown was for one of the new small pillow buddies that they have come out with, lol!

  2. My goodness, is she cute or what!! At least she was going to come back to you ;)
    I think my heart would break if any of my kids did that. I'm that unstable.

  3. Ohmygosh, that's so funny! She's adorable, too!