Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feels Good!

At our house there are two areas where we tried to rush people through before they saw too much or keep the door closed.  The laundry room and the master closet.
Last week I took all of my stuff out of our closet (Damon has 2/3 of it because I haven't had to go to an office in nearly 5yrs so I actually have way less clothes). Got rid of the things I hung onto the last time I did this that I still haven't worn, and hung everything back up in an organized fashion.  Except I didn't have enough hangers.  And the shoe situation...  It still looks pretty crappy.
BUT, my laundry room.  That's complete and all good.  It's still a plain boring little room, but at least it's no longer a disaster area!

My plan of attack was to A) toss all laundry in a hamper.  No sense in trying to sort through what was actually clean or not.  B) Throw away all the original paint paraphernalia (did I really think I was going to reuse it???) and any other trash.  C) Move wayward decorations to their proper place.   D) Place all cleaning solutions into a basket. E) Place all household tools in a basket. F) Wipe down washer and dryer surfaces. G) Ask husband to sweep and swiffer in there.


{the piggy bank doesn't really belong in a laundry room, but it's the only place we've successfully kept Emberly from dumping out her money on a daily basis, so there it stays}

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  1. You rock. It feels so good to clean up our clutter. Makes you wonder why we can't keep it that way. ;-) Sometimes I think I let it go so when I finally get to it, it is a transformation and feels great. I think the laundry room is a great place for piggy. What better way to collect spare change.