Monday, September 12, 2011


My bathroom got painted!  Sherwin Williams "Intellectual Gray."
But... there wasn't enough for the whole bathroom (probably my fault, because I don't know if I was clear on wanting the toilet cave painted during my consult), so above the sink was undone.  Best possible area to be left as it required no squatting or taping!
But... I still had to get to the paint store.  I still had to paint.
I got that done.
And then there was hanging the mirrors.  I was going to go with white frames, but decided on cream ones with silver accents to play off the beige of the marble pattern and the silver of the fixtures.  I got them at Home Goods, unaware that I would have to install the mounting hardware myself.  Boo. {and in the photo, notice the babe handprints on the mirror, due to Bauer's 'help' while I put on the mounting hardware}
The new hand towel rack.  Had a screw hole and screw so tiny, none of our tools could get to it.  So it's precariously teetering there, just for the picture.  I did make it by Lowes today though for a "precision" screwdriver, so I can get securely installed soon.
So, what's left?
1) More towel racks, so we can stop hanging them over the shower.  The current one is over the tub.  Who walks across a room dripping wet to get a towel??
2) Mustard towels.  Because I like gray and mustard.
3) New fixtures.  I kind of hate the dressing room style mirrored light fixture.  I also want fancy-pants faucets.  Something kind more modern than the came-with-the house.
4) Tiles.  Huge ones.  Or maybe subway style.  Possibly in a black and white herringbone pattern.  I don't know, but we won't have the money for that any time soon, so I don't have to make up my mind yet!

What do you think??

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