Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I've noticed a few style blogs talking about transitioning to fall.  It's so hard for me to think about because most years in Vegas, you can wear shorts up to Thanksgiving!  I love sweaters, tights, scarves and boots, but how can I think about them when it's over 100 degrees outside?!
So I won't.  Not yet.  Instead, I'll think about ice cream.  Like the delicious custom treats the littles and I made over at Atomic #7.
You can put together a frozen treat however suits you.  Dairy free.  Vegan.  Sweetened with agave.  Almost overwhelming options.  And then they make it right in front of you with kitchen-aid mixers and some kind of flash freezing thingy!

We hope your Labor Day is as sweet and delicious!

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