Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As They Grow

I participated in my first ever consignment sale!
I've shopped at one before but never sold anything.
I've slowly been thinning out my tubs of old baby clothing.  I donated a ton.  Gave another ton to the bff for her daughter.  But there were pieces I had a hard time parting with and it felt better to at least try to earn some cash for them (apparently, I can put a price on priceless memories).
It wasn't hard at all.  I went through and sorted what clothes were ready to go and which ones needed some ironing (enter Damon, awesome ironing man).  I entered them in their easy inventory system, pricing them and sorting sizes.  I was able to hang everything with store hangers already in my possession, pinned sets together, printed out the tags and pinned them to the clothing.  All in all, about 2hrs cumulatively of work.  I dropped it off and was done!
As a consignor, I was able to shop the presale and found great stuff for both kids (I was looking for button ups for Emberly and winter pants for Bauer).  However, after seeing how others had priced their items, I did wonder if I'd sold myself short with my pricing, though I think many of those items are going to remain on the rack.  And!  I found a Quinny jogging stroller!
I went back with Emberly for the last day because many items are 50% off.  I scored some dolls for Emberly, a helmet for Bauer (so he can ride in the child seat of Damon's bike) and a few items for the bff's daughter.  I can't resist little girl's clothing at awesome prices.
24 of 28 items sold!  And if not for the stroller, I would have spent considerably less than I made.  I think it's pretty likely that I'll participate again.
Pics of some of my score (55 bucks for all this, several items pretty high end brands that I normally wouldn't even bother shopping for!):

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