Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selectively Cheap

I don't know the exact hows or whys of my cheapness, because I'll be so ridiculously reluctant to spend more than x amount of dollars on one thing, but then not even hesitate to spend way more on something else.  Halloween costumes are one of those things.  I'll spend money on props for other cute photo ops for my kids, but Halloween just hurts for some reason.  Maybe because costumes are so cheaply made and one dimensional... I can't really use them for much else once the holiday is past.
That said, I was unable to find a costume for Emberly that seemed worth the money to me.  She wants to be a witch and I already have a witch hat.  So, I found myself at Hancocks Fabric buying shimmery halloween tulle, lining and elastic.  About 2hrs later, voila, circle skirt that matches the hat.  I didn't use a pattern and eyeballed it when I took to the hem with scissors, so it's far from perfect, but, it was fun and Emberly will get to be what she wants within my cheapness parameters.  Win-win.

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  1. I can't remember even one time that actual Halloween costumes were purchased when you were growing up, maybe a mask or two, but usually we just got some makeup and improvised. Hearing your Mom and I say things like "$15 for that cheap piece of crap ain't happening!" or "I can make that exact same thing for under a dollar!" could possibly be the source of your Halloween cheapiness...LOL