Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost the Same

I've heard countless times about how adding a second child is more than twice the work, but adding Bauer to the mix has been practically seamless. I imagine that people who say this must have had their "easier" baby first. Or maybe closer together. I've found dealing with a 3yo endlessly more tiring than a baby. And year 3 to be more difficult than year 2. But I might be biased as I've had a new baby or been pregnant for her third year. Two year olds are more easily redirected and don't have so many questions, for authority or otherwise. But I digress, as I wanted to point out how babies are so much easier than 3yos.
*Baby gets hungry, there's this mobile catering service I call, My Boobs.
3yo gets hungry, I have to stop what I'm doing and make/grab something. Or if I'm out, hope I have a snack packed or that I'm already on my way home.
*Baby has to potty, he goes in his diaper and I change him at my earliest convenience.
3yo has to potty, I have to stop what I'm doing and help her to the bathroom, since the "stress" of her brother's birth and learning new skills in her classes has completely wrecked her ability to independently go 80% of the time. This also means that no stop can be quick because no matter how much I try to make her go every 90min or so to avoid this, she will inevitably have to go so bad she's about to piss herself at the most inconvenient time, like in the checkout line when I have an infant carrier balanced on one arm and a basket full of groceries on the other.
*Baby is entertained by sitting in my lap and watching what I do, with the occasional patty cake or rattle break.
3yo needs practically constant stimulation. She needs to be coloring, reading/being read to, copious toys she can rotate through every 5-10min, she needs to go outside and run and play with other kids her age. She needs me to watch her and tell her not to do something, redirect, sometimes punish (I hate that word. More like, "enforce consequences").

The only added burden I find by adding the infant is that the occasional lack of sleep and personal time sometimes makes my patience and enthusiasm for my 3yo wane. Bauer in himself is not difficult. If I'm making any kind of sense here.

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