Sunday, December 19, 2010

Double Trouble

Two dates in one week?!? Are married parents allowed to do that?!?
Well, we did!
Damon came home from work to discover me bathing the kids wearing this.
Where was I going, he wondered. On a date with you, silly!
Having identified a need for skirts that actually fit, I picked up two nice skirts (they were lined, even!) from Forever 21 for under $30. It occurred to me that shopping there might be partly responsible for all the people swearing I'm 19 or 20 lately. But I won't worry about that until I'm 30.
Anyway, we had a lovely dinner (accompanied by a tasty extra dirty martini) and saw Deathly Hallows Part One (so romantic, yes?).

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  1. You look gorgeous! Seriously! I bet he couldnt keep his paws off ya!