Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watch out now.

I did it. I found a babysitter. I can go to Damon's office holiday party. And it would be sooooo easy to go to the mall and buy something new that hugs these delicious curves, but: A) when am I supposed to go to the mall and B) I should probably keep my money since I'm pretty sure said babysitter would appreciate payment. So, I'm taking a page from Emberly (and Kendi), and finding something in my closet to remix in a new way and wear to the party. Besides, easy is overrated and underwhelming. I'm going to go for "creative," and "stylish." Wish me luck.


  1. Ooh post pics of the outfit. I really need to take your ques and remix my outfit. But I am afraid of looking ridiculous.

  2. If you OWN looking ridiculous, people won't think it's so ridiculous :D I will post pics! Party's tomorrow.