Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Sense

Damon recently admitted to me that he wanted to laugh when I was in labor. So he left the bathroom for a minute. Good sense he has, that one. I don't remember that at all. You know, cuz I was having a baby. Looking back, I can appreciate too how vocalizing low on my every exhale would have left a bystander little choice but to laugh, but in the moment, he probably would have received a good nut-knocking (here is where Damon would say, I'd like to see you try).
Luckily, having witnessed and helped me during not one, but two home-births, and being one of the first people to regale it's awesomeness whenever birth is brought up, I can forgive him this. I mean, he was even able to get over his fear of me pooping on him while pushing (I didn't, FYI) to be able to catch his son. That's pretty cool. :D

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