Monday, December 20, 2010


I recently found out that African American females are the demographic least likely to initiate breastfeeding. I'm saddened by that. Personally, I never considered anything else. my mom nursed me and and my siblings, but aside from that I don't recall any other exposure to it, so I don't really feel like that was a huge factor in my decision. I just felt like it was the natural, best and easiest thing to do. And, I know that there are a plethora of reasons that women don't breastfeed. I know that there are women who truly physically couldn't, got bad advice from a pediatrician that killed their supply, or their circumstances, like an early return to a physical job, made it too difficult. But there are lots of women who simply choose not to. And I don't understand that. my initial reaction to that is to judge. That they must be too ignorant or lazy to make it work. I don't want to be like that, but that's my honest reaction. I'd rather be helping women see the benefit and support their early efforts, than to judge.
Breastfeeding my daughter was simple. And continued WAY past my goal of one year (33mo!). This baby is a little more trying. Not physically. I can't have Nutella (tragic!), because he breaks out in eczema on his cheeks. And recently, it became obvious there's some issue with dairy. He was having intestinal upset nightly, sleeping poorly from it. But gas drops given around the clock seemed to help a little. I thought he was just gassy. And then there was a really bad night. And the only thing that was different in my diet that previous day was my consumption of some nachos. Cheese covered, sour cream drenched nachos. So I cut out obvious dairy. And viola, all of a sudden, he's sleeping soundly. I forget the gas drops and it's not a big deal. In just a couple days! It feels kind of crappy that it was my diet that was the problem all along. And nothing makes me realize how much of my life revolves around the pleasure of eating than to have so many restrictions. Avoiding sugar and dairy just makes me sad and bored. I want to sit down with a bowl of ice cream. Imagine another 2yrs of no ice cream. *cry* But he might not go as long as his sister did. And if he does, maybe his sensitivity to dairy won't last that long.
*blogger's note: the "m" key on my notebook is obliterated, so I'm pasting one that I've copied. That's why there is a lack of capitalized "m"s, not because I don't care about grammar ;)


  1. :( Did you know that also, there was an article out that c sections are on the rise for african americans? That is crazy.

  2. Thanks for the link, that was an interesting article.
    My favorite part was:
    >>“They should be concerned about the likelihood of ending up in the OR because we know what is healthiest is unfettered birth. Women are starting to believe they can't have babies. It's becoming the cultural norm for women to believe they're broken.”<<
    At least there seemed to be some discernible underlying reason behind the rise, than simple choice to do so. IDK, it's all kind of depressing.