Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After a discussion with my best friend about homes and long term financial goals, I reevaluated my thoughts on our only living in this house for less than 5yrs. I'm now thinking at least 10yrs, and my plan is two fold; customize for efficient space planning and keep de-cluttered, a la Peter Walsh.
To that end, we put a series of adjustable shelving and a cabinet in our garage. My goal would be to have this meet all our storage needs. I think that if we start to reach capacity on these, then it's time to go through it and throw away/donate.

The cabinet is empty. I plan to put our left over paint, tools and cleaning supplies in it, which are currently housed in our laundry room and pantry. Right now, baby stuff takes up a good portion of it, which is obviously a finite stage of our lives and can eventually leave to make more room!
Second, we customized Emberly's closet. She has an armoire, that is overflowing with her and her brother's stuff, especially since I tend to clearance shop sizes for the next year. They will be sharing the room, so I really didn't want to get any more furniture that will take up floor space in the room. I divided the closet into thirds. Hang space and shoe shelving on either side, and adjustable shelving down the middle, for toy bins, books and folded clothing. I plan to get her a loft bed, at first with the crib/bed for her brother underneath it, eventually with a desk underneath it. I kept the original wire rack and want to put it in the guest closet for more storage options there too. I imagine that once it's no longer appropriate for a brother and sister to share a room (when Emberly's 7-8, I guess??), one of them will move into the guest room. If we decide to have more children, obviously s/he have to be one or the other sex and so then s/he's share with the same sex sibling. In theory, this 1652 sqft house could house 6, but if we ended up with 3 of one sex, that'd be a crowded little room and I don't think we'd make it 10yrs. But we've previously thought 3 would be our limit, if we decided not to stop with two. And we might, since we have one of each...
We have two coat closets downstairs. I'd eventually like to make the back one into a craft closet, with shelving and drawers to store all my yarn, fabric and crafting goodies. The "loft" (really just a large landing at the top of our stairs) has a nook where we have our little rinky-dink desk. It'd be nice if we could do a custom built-in there too one day. It could be really nice...

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