Monday, September 27, 2010

First Doctor Visit!

Today I took Bauer in for his 2mo well check. It's his first doctor's visit. His sister was with us. After grocery shopping, I didn't have anything that needed to go in the fridge so I really didn't want to go all the way home just to turn around and leave for the pediatrician in 20min. So Emberly asks where we're going. I tell her that I think we should kill time at the mall until it's time for Bauer to go to the doctor. She says, Bauer has to go to the doctor? He's sick? I tell her, No, they just have to check him out and make sure he's healthy. And he has to get a shot.
Apparently, that was the wrong thing to tell her. She anxiously asks me why he gets a shot. I told her that it will keep him from getting sick later, even if it hurts a little now. Then came the tears. She told me her brother didn't want any shots, that she didn't want him to cry and that we should just take him home. It was so sad and cute at the same time. I assured her it'd be okay.
Then at the office, after the doctor has checked him out, the nurse comes in with the needle and Emberly gets anxious again, asking a bunch of questions about what she's doing. But then she saw the cool charlie brown Band-Aid and was able to chill out a little. Bauer did one of those cries where you're waiting for him to take a breath and you just feel so bad for him, and then he was done.
I had to request a shot record. They were all surprised. Didn't he get Hep B at the hospital, they ask me. As busy as my midwife is, you'd think they had more home-birthed babies coming in there!

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