Saturday, September 11, 2010

I don't get it

A lot of new moms find breastfeeding to be difficult. We must all experience things so differently. I've been lucky enough so far to not experience things like thrush and mastitis, but neither have many of the moms who talk about being so overwhelmed. They talk about their day being consumed by and revolving around feeding. I haven't ever felt that way. I do get annoyed with the limited clothing choices that make for easy nursing in public, but other than that I never think about it. I go about my day and when baby cries, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing, I shove a boob in his mouth. And usually continue about my business one-handed (we haven't mastered hands-free nursing in our sleepy wrap). What could be simpler? Does it all come down to modesty and one's comfort with nursing in public? Because I guess I would be overwhelmed and anxious if I felt the only place I could nurse my infant was at home, lounging with my boppy. Especially in these early days when babies nurse every 1-3hrs. It would be hard to get anything done let alone leave the house if you felt that way. If I knew the secret to not giving a f*@#&, and multi-tasking, I'd share it. Or bottle it up and sell it at least.


  1. Hey Amber, cool blog! I am one of those women who was absorbed by breastfeeding. Marcus would nurse as long as an hour and 15 minutes until he was satiated. I know some can get their milk start to finish in 10 minutes, but those first six months, he was never like that. So, it was difficult to just sit down out in public and nurse b/c I would have to sit there so long (and hold everyone up that long). I tried and tried, but I couldn't figure out how to get him to nurse in the ergo (so I could walk), and I certainly couldn't figure out the one-handed thing so that I could go about my business (you'll have to fill me in on that!) He was a very big baby, so I always assumed it was his size that made it hard.... I bet there was a way, I just couldn't figure it out! ...I am hopeful that I'll have a quick eater in the next baby! ...I guess we do all have different experiences, thanks for sharing yours :)

  2. I have mastered the one-hand and hands-free and I am so much like you in the ability to pop a boob in the mouth and go about my business. I nurse while walking in the grocery store, the post office, I worked the consignment sale with a nursing baby last week, and hell, I took Sara to a concert tonight and nursed her to sleep and she slept through the ENTIRE THING, mostly with a boob in her mouth. With a loud punk band in a huge theatre, in her Ergo with my hands over her little ears the whole time. I have no idea how'd I'd function as a mother or a person if I didn't have the boob to fall back on.

  3. Shelley, thanks! A couple questions for you... Do you think it was more Marcus' nursing efficiency, or a milk flow issue? Like, if you ever pumped, did it take you as long as it took him to nurse to get 4-5oz? Emberly would sometimes be on the boob for that long, but she wouldn't be eating, she was using me as a pacifier to fall asleep and would startle awake whenever I tried to unlatch her... I applaud you for having enough dedication to breastfeeding to stick through it!
    Katy, you already know how completely awesome I think you are ;)