Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not-so-blissful Ignorance

So, while I was pregnant I ate pretty damn well. And around the time that everyone starts taking that glucola drink to assess risk for gestational diabetes, I started being extra mindful of how much sugar was in things and tried to adopt a more diabetic type diet to keep my blood sugar levels stable and give me energy.
I wish I were better with moderation, but I'm typically balls-to-the-wall about everything. So, when after my son was born, I thought I deserved a triple chocolate oatmeal cookie, of course this meant I ditched everything I was doing while I was pregnant and ate a BATCH of triple chocolate oatmeal cookies. And this just snowballed into me eating whatever sugary loveliness to which I had access. And of course I wasn't tracking how much sugar was in anything, because then I'd have to face it, and then I couldn't, in good conscience, eat it! Makes so much sense, right? Ignorance is bliss, right? My mind is fabulous for this kind of problem solving ;)
And I of course still had the nerve to be totally pissed at my lack of progress with postpartum weight loss.
So, I reigned in the amount of calories I was eating, but it was still pretty friggin' sugary. And then my best friend who is also on maternity leave, suggested that I watch the new show that Jackie W. has on Bravo, Thintervention. She made the participants rid their homes of sugar. Anything packaged with over 5g per serving had to go. Hmmm. I know this. I even know how much it helped my fatigue to eat that way. But I was being purposefully stupid about it. Now I'm back on the wagon. The cravings are already starting to subside, and when I get one, Trident Layers have been my best friend.
Here's to having more energy and being healthier again. Oh, yeah, and obviously most importantly, ditching the rest of this pregnancy weight.

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