Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Straight Hair

My daughter's hair is not as coarse as mine, but the curls are so tight. I straightened it for the first time yesterday and it's down to the middle of her back, yet curly, those corkscrews are still a fro halo around her head.
It took FOREVER. I put a straightening glaze in after I washed it. Brushed it out into sections that I twisted loosely to dry. Some of her hair was still so curly though, that I wish the both of us had the wherewithal to have blow dried it. She pissed and moaned the entire time as is.
She looks... off. LOL. The blond-brown color looks more foreign with her hair straight, it seemed like a silly wig on her little head. I'm sure I'd get used to it if she wore her hair straight all the time, but that was a process I'm in no hurry to do again. I am going to make her an appt with my stylist though to get a cut because 3.5yrs of no haircuts = terrible ends!


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