Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football and Video Games

Insert exasperated sigh here. Damon, my husband, loves football and video games. And books with pictures LOL. I think part of what brought us together was our ability to enjoy those things together. But that was pre-kids. I've never been into football really. I'm into socializing and the energy of people who are passionate about it. So going to someone's house or whatever to watch a game sounds like a really good time. Especially if we can throw some booze in the mix. But with a preschooler and a breastfeeding infant, I have to subtract booze (well, I can have a drink, but I'm not a one drink kind of girl). A nosy, talkative preschooler means that I'm keeping her out of things, listening to her stories and trying to keep her from talking the ears off of an unsuspecting, childless adult who didn't realize that telling her they like her hair meant they were best friends and thus needed to hear everything she's done the past... 3yrs of her life LOL. And the infant, if I set him down when he's not in the mood, or his dad looks at him funny, well, the price is a good 15min of him screaming like he's been stabbed. I don't have a problem with these things, I'm used to it. I'm just not always excited about dealing with it in someone else's home. So now I'm the party pooper that usually doesn't want to go anywhere.
Video games. I like video games. I used to watch him play his role playing games and we would play action games and fighting games together. He's always on the hunt for a game that we'll play together. It makes me tired just thinking about playing one of those games. Let's assume the baby is napping. Having to read and follow along and learn button pressing combinations while my daughter is all over me, talking, grabbing my chin trying to force eye contact while she tells one of her rambling stories, or dancing and singing in the way of me even seeing the screen, all with the perpetual exhaustion that is the first several months of infant care... No thank, you. It's not fun to me anymore. Makes me want to take a nap. For some reason, I am able to play puzzle type games (tetris, boggle, etc) without feeling like I need a nap. Probably some left brain, right brain thing.
I wish Damon really understood that I have this attitude about these things not because I just don't like these things anymore, but because I'm truly not able to have fun with them.

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