Monday, September 13, 2010

Platform Booties

One of the things I miss since working from home: excuse to shop. When I modeled, I could buy outrageously trendy items, because I needed them for go-sees. Even when I'm at the mall now, I can find a great deal on something practical and I always talk myself out of it because I don't go anywhere! It's really quite difficult to be a clothes-horse who is also cheap and works from home LOL I can usually satisfy those urges by clearance shopping for the kids or or at since I do work out enough to wear things out.
My latest covet-but-will-never-buy item is a pair of platform booties. With straps. Something like this:
Shorts, skirts, ankle length skinnies. Whatever. I want to wear them everyday. Could I seriously injure myself and others chasing a 3yo while wearing an infant in these? Maybe. Such is the cost of being fabulous.

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