Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister Wives

I watched this new TLC show the other day. I've always been intrigued by any specials that come on about polygamous sects in our society. The people featured on this show seem the least weird of ones I've seen before. They aren't all 1910 with the way they dress and keep their hair or anything. Their home is essentially like a huge triplex.
It's such an interesting concept to contemplate. While I love the idea of having a "sister" with whom you share childrearing and chores, and always having someone to talk to, the idea of sharing a husband is just too bizarre for me. I want to say that it seems like it's against our nature to be okay with loving someone who doesn't only love you back, but is that really our nature, or just the product of how most people are raised these days? I mean, I love my mom, and know full well that I share her love with 3 siblings, and I don't resent her or them for it; why does a spouse have to be different? I don't know, but it is!

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