Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Years, Four Months, Three Weeks and One Day

That's how long Ms. Emberly has been teaching me about being a mom. My green-eyed, sandy haired mini me.
She loves to box her dad, and flip across the living room, but also loves to put on costumes and Easter Sunday dresses.
She is completely insane. Forget Ambular Logic, preschooler logic is the best.
Ems: "I want to go to the park."
Me: "It's too hot, I don't want to go."
Ems: "No, me!"
Me: "You can't go to the park by yourself, and it's too hot, I don't want to go. And look, there's no kids there anyway."
Ems: "No, me, I want to go."

These conversations go on forever and are probably hilarious to any onlooker, because each of us is sure that it's the other that is confused.
One of the best things she does lately is try to lure people into her room. She promises presents, treats and juice that are not in there. I don't know where she learned this sexual predator tactic, as we aren't much for bribing her. She'll ignore all resistance, insisting that if you only knew how wonderful her room was, you'd come. Her Uncle Brian said, "no, thanks, I'm going to stay down here and play." She paused but for a second, "Well, I have lots of toys. Come on, I have toys for you."
She also has a keen ability to imitate things she's heard with impeccable comedic timing. Like when she was in the shower, light was hitting the spray and she went "Oooh, a double rainbow all the way across the sky! What does this mean!?!?" She really has a wicked sense of humor and while I'd like to take 100% credit, really, I think a big part is her exposure to TV that's not necessarily targeting preschoolers. She races in the room with rewind requests anytime she hears guffaws.
And the latest roll she's mastering, big sister. She LOVES her brother. I'm pretty sure that it's crossed her mind to put a hit out on me so that SHE can be mommy. But like her love for me, it can be a little smothering. We're working on understanding personal space. You don't need to lay ON TOP of Bauer. When you kiss him, back up. Don't hang out in his face while he whines, trying to get a breath that isn't your exhale. And, ohmygod, stop trying to pick him up!
Even when she's being a total pain in my ass, she's an utter joy. I can't wait for her to really be able to play with her brother.
Here's crazy pants running around with freshly unbraided hair...

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