Friday, September 17, 2010


I came across this great bit on a forum today:

Even though I'm probably considered "crunchy" and overbearing with my opinions on child-rearing and everything, the humor of the one-upper was not lost on me. I was rotfl the whole time. I thought the digital voices even enhanced an all too real-life scenario. Of course I had to go and make my own. This is a memorable conversation between my husband and me the weekend we got married. Well, actually it wasn't memorable to me until our cousin Malik reenacted it for me months later and I lmao. I must warn about the eff-bomb- I was very pregnant, irritable and had no kids yet to watch my mouth around and I chose to stay true to life with my script ;) I'm lucky he didn't get an annulment right then and there when I flipped out about the temperature :D

That was fun. I think I have a new time-waster ;)

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